Emu Oil Hair

This oil is derived from the non edible parts of a bird called emu, which is a close pal to the ostrich. The popularity of this bird is making headlines in the field of health and beauty industry as it is proven highly beneficial in treating the hair loss and promotes excellent hair growth. This oil is rich in nourishing properties that makes it best oil for hair growth and helps in restoring the existing hair growth. There are four major properties which make Emu Oil Hair the best choice to improve hair growth and to restore the lost hair. This oil is very beneficial for the receding hairlines on the front. Read on to discover more about the beneficial oil and realize why it is essential for hair growth.

1.    It is free from phosphorous: Emu oil has the ability to penetrate through the scalp and nourishes thereby preventing the dormant hair follicles. It does not have any phospholipids in it. As the skin of yours is free from phosphorus, as it would not allow any material with phosphorus to pass through it. As emu oil is not rich in phosphorus, it can easily pass through your skin and nourish the hair follicles. Even if you try emu oil with other kind of topical treatments, the rate of absorption is so high which makes it an effective option.

Emu Oil Hair2.    Rich in anti-inflammatory properties: Like other essential oil, emu oil hair is also anti inflammatory. This makes it an effective treatment for the scalp inflammation. During the inflammation in the scalp, the hair follicles tend to choke and it promotes the build of residue to encourage the hair growth. It eradicates the inflammation in the scalp and this oil corrects all the issues that induces hair growth at a maximum rate while maintain the health of every strand.

3.    Equipped with bacteriostatic properties: Another essential attribute that makes emu oil hair the mate of the tresses is that the oil has bacteriostatic properties. This means that this oil does not allow the growth of bacterial organisms. This makes it highly helpful in the treatment of pattern baldness in the male and hence it is highly beneficial to treat the hair loss.

4.    Free from irritation: The levels of irritation in emu oil are totally zero as it does not exist. The potential to irritate the scalp is zero because it is similar to the water you use on your head. This makes it safe to apply on all types of skin or hair type. It also has the ability to blend well with other oils or water as it has a consistency similar to the cream. As it does not leave any residue on the skin, this oil is considered non – comedogenic.

5.    Helps to tame your frizzy hair: Frizzy hair can be a bothersome issue as it can make you experience bad hair day frequently as it would look good when you try to style your hair into a simple hairstyle. However, if you have Emu Oil Hair you it is easy for you to tame the frizzy hair which can be unruly. The deep penetrating properties of the emu oil make it to nourish the dry hair, which in turn super hydrates it. This would help it to become tame and manageable. In short, it not only improves the hair quality, but it keeps both the scalp and its skin well nourished by replenishing the lost moisture. This oil has essential fatty acids which makes it help in thicker and stronger hair which is no more unruly.

6.    Has no side effect: This oil can be used by people of all age groups and gender as it does not have any side effects which can be fatal to the skin or scalp. Hence, you can use it without any fear of drastic side effects.

With so many amazing properties, it is no wonder that emu oil has gained quite an importance over time.